In Thermal Camping Velingrad the mineral water is extracted from one of the most healing springs №7, namely “Syarna Banya (The bath of Sulfur)” from Kamenitza district. Water temperature is 63°- 88,5°; PH – 7,9; mineralization 743mg/l.

It is characterized as hypothermal, mineralized, sulphate-hydrocarbonate, sodium and silicon water, containing fluoride, without sanitary-chemical and microbiological signs of contamination.

The mineral water contains therapeutic and prophylactic ingredients that treat various diseases:

For external balneotherapy (after tempering to 33°-36°C) water has beneficial effect in:

  • Joint diseases of inflammatory and degenerative nature; orthopedic diseases after traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (dyscopy, plexitis, radiculitis, etc.)
  • Skin diseases (chronic dermatitis, psoriasis)
  • Gynecological diseases

Inhalation treatment – in pulmonary, chronic and nonspecific diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

For drinking balneotherapy (after tempering to 35°-37°C)  in limited quantities, due to the presence of fluoride, water has a favorable effect in:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases, biliary and renal excretion systems, metabolic diseases such as gout, obesity, diabetes mellitus, etc.  Water has an anti-inflammatory and detox effect due to the high content of metasilicic acid – 115,80mg /

Balneotherapy contraindications: specific diseases; infectious diseases; active stage diseases and decompensate function of organs and systems; oncological diseases; HIBS – rhythmic disturbances; epilepsy. Combined with the favorable climate in Velingrad city, the treatment with mineral water is even more successful.

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